Hand Cranked Radios

Hand Cranked Radio
Hand cranked radios, flashlights, and power generators for emergency use.
Hand cranked radios can provide news, weather, and even charge your cell phone when you lose power.

Hand Cranked Radios & Power Generators
Eton Fr1000 hand Cranked Radio
The Eton FR1000 is the most advanced hand cranked radio on the market. This self-powered hand-crank radio keeps you informed, even when the power is out. Tune into AM, FM and NOAA Weather Band frequencies for emergency information. Also contains two-way walkie-talkie feature with GMRS technology and a cell phone charging jack. You also get a flashlight, a beacon light, and a siren. And all of this can be powered with the twist of a crank or batteries.
Solar Link Hand Cranked Radio Generate energy to power this radio by simply setting it under the sun or with a few turns of the hand crank. Charge virtually any phone or small electrical device with a usb phone charger cable (not included). This self-powered all-band radio boasts an impressive list of features that include AM/FM and Shortwave radio reception, all seven NOAA weather band channels as well as Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E) for location based weather alerts which allows the user to receive weather alerts specific to the area they are currently in.
Red Cross Emergency Radio The Red Cross Emergency Radio is made to be tucked neatly into its handy nylon carrying case, and stored in an emergency box, or packed neatly for a camping trip. the FR300 is an emergency radio with several outstanding and potentially life-saving features, including an emergency siren and lighting. So if you're in the market for an economical emergency radio, the Grundig FR300 more than fits the bill.

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